I. Historical experience 
Brief gradation of cybernetics systems 
Intermediate summary 

II. The leaders 
Lenin, Stalin, Hitler 

III. The Democracy 
The term «democracy» definition 
Do we have the Democracy? 
What type of a model our life is ruled? 

IV. The perfect model. 
Common conception 
Reasons for changing the governing model 
What kind of model it has to be? 
Technology of model designing 
How it works 
Organized crime 
Conception advantages 



1. To say that, comparatively to other directions of technique and science progress, the stagnation in state governing is terrible means to say nothing. It much worse.
2. For successful development of free market economics and social conflicts elimination the State badly need real democracy, not as guaranty of citizen freedoms only, but as the way of State government. Which is far from the same.
3. Cybernetics and Common Systems Theory are declared: “… as to governing and control problems isomorphism (similarity) of processes occurring in Technical, Biological or Social systems are strictly proved (see “Cybernetics Encyclopedia”, v.2, page 335, “Nauka”, Kiev). That gave us an opportunity to use in Social Systems control and regulations laws, which we use in technique and precise science.
4. In case of State governing complexedness and amount of tasks to be solved are so enormous that makes it impossible for direct governing and control solution, which demands some other approaches.
5. The way of governing and payment in all Powers branches does not coincide with nature of free market reforms and create for them aggressive environment.
6. Uncontrolled and irresponsible government is perfect partner for Mafia as well as persons with extremely big amount of money, which leads to situation when people elect one persons and State is governed by others. That make senseless democratic or non democratic the way of election.



1. State Governing Model must be build in a way when all system levels are
embraced by drawback links. This links must enforce System on fulfillment of the main task, which it has to be achieved in the Country during given historical period.
2. Governing and control processes must be dynamic, ruling enforcement and
control signals must act during any time of control and regulation processes but not only when process is already stabilized.
3. Amount of directly managed objects must be minimized.
4. The nature of model has to be democratic. It mast create the possibility to any
member of Society equal chances for rising his living level by constant increasing productivity and quality of his labor. The success must be defined by how the worker or official works, but not position he occupies, which nationality, party or religion he belongs. For citizen “X” it must be possible to earn higher salary then “Y”, who occupied higher position, if “X” fulfilled his job more successfully.
5. The Governing Model must create friendly environment for progressive financial
and economical reforms, make them compatible with nature of country governing.
6. The Model must have mechanism of reducing corruption level in the Country.
7. The Model must possess protection mechanism from negative features or wrong
decision Country Leader.
8. The Model must also contain the mechanism of Powers change not by calendar
terms, but depending of successfulness of how they made good progress.
9. The Model must have decentralized structure.
10. The Model must have the possibility for self-organizing behavior in any knot of
the net of objects to be ruled.
11. The Model must bring into agreement interests vectors for all the branches of
Government Powers as well as people (this statement needs some explanation)
For examples we again will take more familiar to us Canada.
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin proposed to help some African country on total amount of 80 millions dollars. Some question arose: why African only, why not Afganians also, why not Chukches, why not all of them altogether? No answer and no objection. When new model will be in power it will be only one question: whether this African problem will bring to rise or to fall the Aim Function supported by absolute majority of Canadians.
According to Parvinder Sandu, Conservative Party of Canada candidate, Labor Ministry spend in waste 1 billion dollars; 1 billion already spend on Weapon Registration Program and 2 billions more borrowed in debt; 100 millions Liberal Government spent on ”special friends” etc. (see “Nasha Canada N7, April, 2004). When new model will be in power, Parliament and Government will never permit such waste of money, because it will be not taxpayer’s money only but money taken just from their pocket also.



If to be short: each government official responds for results of his activity; well being all levels officials depends on State situation; will of majority fulfillment – the main condition for Government existence.
If to be more detailed: as far as similarity of processes which occur in Technical, Biological and Social systems are strictly proved, any State could be considered as Super-big system with enormous amount of objects to be ruled. Governing and control System has decentralized structure. All the power branches are regulators of this system. This regulators are followed all the laws any other regulator follows. For example, any government regulator, as any other one, demands to have purpose for regulation (Aim Function) and tools of regulation (positive and negative drawbacks which are provide Aim Function maximum). This makes it possible to govern People and Countries not by intuition only but according to Precise Science recommendations.
The chain of Government and Control System regulators are tuned on fulfilement absolute majority citizens will. Any Government Power’s branch, any state body, even any official, whose duty is connected with Management and Control activity are treated like separate regulator. In case of human activity, the regulation is based on package of positive and negative stimulators. Fulfillment of absolute majority will become the aim of regulation. All the Powers’ branches are embraced (covered) by drawbacks in such a way, that not the salary only, but entire fact of their existence depends on whether the Aim function is going up or down. In this way all the Power branches became responsible for State affairs situation.
In the State it has to be accomplished transition on any worker’s payment according to time and quality of fulfillment the task was put, but not according to position been ocupied. This form of labor’s payment demands transition from centralized program-administrative way of governing to governing by imposing definite tasks and developing sets of stimulus and punishments which will enforce all levels and forms of governing to work with maximum restoring.
Changing the way of payment will radically change Governing Model. The art of governing will depend on ability to form correct Aim Function and to chose those drawbacks, which will allow under changing outside conditions to change dynamically not behavior only, but structure also, if it need to keep maximum level of Aim Function. Self-organizing economical and legislative levers are going to the main position. Positive and negative stimulators became key factor of management and control. Approximately the same says, very much respected by me, Lee Yacocca: “Management and control are reduce to stimulation workers activity”. 



The transition from uncontrolled way of governing to determinate and controlled – could be achieved through simple for understanding Technology, which involves 4 main steps. These steps should be best fixed by a Constitution. .

THE FIRST STEP. The future President sets up the major Goal the Country has to achieve within the present historic period (National Goal). This Goal has to be declared by candidate for Presidency prior to the election. People approve the Goal by electing this candidate, but not the one who has other Goal. Then the Parliament could be elected.

THE SECOND STEP. Positive and negative stimulation of all kind of Governmental power activity (i.e. salary, privileges, promotions, occupancy, validity, etc.) would depend on how successfully the GOAL set up by President and approved by the Nation is achieved.
It is a meter of prime importance to define, for every worker, a system of positive and negative stimuli, which would render every honest, clever, useful for Nation action a profitable one and, on the contrary, a dishonest or wrong action a ruinous one. It is required to decide what task should be put to a subordinate, what feedback control should be used in making his activity the most useful. 

THE THIRD STEP. If Power Authorities did not manage to raise National Goal Function during a certain period, then all the Powers, including the President’s power, should be dismissed. If unsuccessful Government refuses to be dismissed, they can be treated as criminals. In this case any forms of protest allowed up to putting the Government down by force. The time frame of this period is provided in Election Program of the future president. 

THE FORTH STEP. In case, when existing legislation prevents to reach the objective of the National Goal, the Goal has all advantages. Legislative documents preventing to the objective of National Goal will be returned to Parliament for reconsideration. 



The main task is to start self-organizing mechanism of The Model. Then the rest will develop by itself. Like Univers. Nobody, presizely can tell how it will be. I can propose something, but I can’t insist that it is the best recommandations. Just example.
The mechanism of Aim Function conformation. Aim Function choice is very important and sophisticated problem. This should be done according to experience and recommendations of precise sciences of Cybernetics family, especially such as “Operations exploring” [17], “Common systems theory” and “Systems design”. Aim function description will be inevitable for creation Governing Model itself. Party, who participate election races and going to win just because of New Model proposal, will quickly understand that they have to propose to people some National Goal which will be enough attractive to vote for, and enough realistic to be fulfilled (otherwise see “THE THIRD STEP” of Technology).
From the very beginning it could be started with something as obvious and understandable as Gross National Revenue (GNR) or Gross National Product ( GNP). If some changes will be needed, parliament will add any chang, if it will bring to rise of Aim Function, because each parliament member will personally be extreemely interested in Aim function growth. At the same time they could not ignore Aim Function, because it is absolute majority will, which could not be changed otherwise than all people referendum.
So, let us take GNR as Aim Function. Because it better reflect economic situation in country. For example, GNP of Ukraine made 277.7 trillion carbovanets to the end of 1993, while GNR only 98.5 trillion carbovanets. Which means that over one half of GNP brought no profit. That made it clear illustration of efficiency of the modle used in Ukraine economics and shows us that GNR use as Aim Function is more preferable.
Even beter (but more complicated) to use a group of economic indexes, which is describing the living level this or that country... For shure we can say that living level rise will be prefered by absolute majority of any country citizens. If Government will exequte this will of absolute majority it will be more democratic than any government oriented on executing some other Aim Function.
For the highest level (legislative, executive and judicial powers) Aim function appeared as a result of President elections. The only demand: candidate for Presidency must give his pre-election promises in a form which could be formalized: i.e. % of well-being grows; amount of new working places; level of air, rivers, lakes cleaning; amount and kind of weapons etc. On the next levels the main task is breaking into separate tasks. If upper level official formulate wrong aim, wrong duration of task fulfillment, or gives not enough finances, equipment and everything need to do the job, job will not be done. But will not be done the task on upper level also. So upper level official will be punished or fired.

The mechanism of feed-back action. 

T h e t o p l e v e l. 

To see how it works, let us take one of the state governing’s problems and try to solve it.
For example, we need to eliminate typical for many countries confrontation between the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers, because the Parliament creates new laws and Cabinet of Ministers has to fulfill them.
Suppose, the President has set up rise of the Gross National Revenue (GNR) as the National Goal for some current historical period. This means the first step of Technology is already made. Let us look into how mentioned confrontation could be reduced, if not eliminated at all.
Accordng to the Second Step, we set up the revenue of parliamentarians and ministers with respect to the growth of GNR: the more GNR grows, the quicker wages raise for both of above branches of powers. That will make them confederates in all the questions connected to the growth in the GNR. It is understandable, that the more will be the GNR rise, the more money Society will have for encouraging the Powers. Essential growth of GNR will give Sosiety the possibility to pay Powers as much, as it is needed to make for all of them National interests much more powerful then any party, religious, national, regional or other interests taken together. This encouragement will be profitable for Nation also, because it will always be only a definit (always constant) part of GNR grows.
If the raise in this NATIONAL GOAL FUNCTION brings the longer validity for both of powers, it will make them close friends. Moreover, if their wages and terms in the office will decrease at a breakneck-speed as the GNR decreases, it will surely make them half-brothers.
To make the process of regulation high-effective, we should take the advantage of not only positive but a good deal of a negative stimulation of labour activity. For any system with different interests vectors bringing interests together can be achieved by increasing both positve and negative stimulations. The stronger stimulations, the clother are interests. 

T h e M i n i s t r y l e v e l

For example, let us take the middle of 90-th years situation already described by me during analysis of Finantial Ministry of Ukraine. The figures became old, but I took this situation because it is good for illustration offered mode abilities.
Business men well know how widly it on demand typical for Ukraine position – metall/longitudinal sleeper. On the West, as well as on the East, they propose $230 – $240 per ton, depending of longitudinal cleeper nomber and kinde of steel used. Iron works are ready to sell it for Ukrain currensy on prise which equal $180 - $190 per 1 ton. $40 - $60 difference makes “the left” part of contract. Western partners allready got accostom to this state of things. This operetion are going through some additional (daughters) enterprises, which are exist almost at every plant. The firms shere profits with plants. The plants does not work with currency directly, because The State insist them to sell currency on robery course. As a result, at average on branches, in National Revnue comes 10 – 30% of currency less than it should be, and Ucrainean currency is working on Western Economics. The same situation in the other branches. Finansial Minister well informed about this. But it does not desturb him much, because his salary as well as his subordinates, does not depend from situation in Ministry of Metallurge.
After new model will start to work, the state of things will be changed. If to The State it will be returned 10% revenue, lost among all branches, it will occur an opportunity for Executive Power’s wages encrease, approximately, on 56 billions of karbovantsev, which will allove to rise salaries not on Financial Ministry as a whole, but to minister himself, in particular. This is enough good stimulus to address the Parliament with appropriate legislative initiative, and also to create in Ukraine conditions good enough for accumulation currency in Ukrainean banks for native as well as foriner propriators, which will encrease National Revenue even more and ministers’ salary altogether. Parliament deputees, in a shortest period possible, will affirm legislation, which will make it extremely profitable to keep curency in Ukrainean banks. More of that, they will make publishing information about investments secrets equal to diversion against The State. That will permit to returne back money, which works on foreign economics, this also will encrease national revenue. And all that will be possible because each encrease of GNR on 10%, can rise deputes’ salary in 10 –15 times. Also new model implamentation will have additional reason for Minister of Economics, even more than Ministry of Finance, because since New Model implementation he will have an opportunity to eliminate army of quota and license briberers, close this departments and receive adition to salary not only because of GNR rise, but because of State officials decreasing. It all will open additional possibility to create infrastructure for reforms to be and optimisation of tax policy, which also will rise Nations Revenue and ministers salary as well. 
This level will be stimulated by not salary encreasing only. If GNR will decreaser, during definite period salary will fall, and then it started to work selfliqidation mechanism of definit ministrys and the whole Counsel of Ministers at last. Liquidation mechanism stated it’s existans the same day as Counsil of Ministers starts it work.


M u n i c i p a l l e v e l

Self-organizing nature of Model (which we are talking about) will not permit the process to stop on high levels only. For example, if ministers are interested in Gross National Revenue raising, they ought to fulfill their branches situation deep analysis and to formulate list of tasks, which will guarantee maximum level of GNR, as well as list of funds and materials need for the same purpose and create conditions for tasks to be fulfilled. The directors of enterprises must have the possibility to make the same thing towards different departments managers, the last – toward workers. Only if it will be made all together, State enterprises will receive the possibility to substitute the natural drawbacks of privet enterprises by artificial one’s and come up to them in the level of productivity. This is approach, according to which each employee receive a definite task, which has to be fulfilled during definite period of time. This employee is responsible for successful task fulfillment. That will eliminate any kind of irresponsibility. “For any task fulfillment it has to be the one and only responsible.” (Bismarck). 
Non-industrial sphere also need stimulation of activity. Especially municipal workers.
Suppose Toronto municipal workers from garbage department will receive the salary rise in case they managed to reduce cost of garbage eliminating. For example 50% for official’s stimulation and 50% return to taxpayers. In this case they will take under the table “Inviro-West Alfa Inc.” project, which reduce cost of Toronto garbage eliminating not less than $100, 000,000.00 per year (see above “Why we need to control government”), return taxpayers $50 000,000.00 and receive $50 000,000.00 for salary rise. 
Other departments’ municipal workers’ salary also must depend on results of their work. If they will receive salary rise for clean streets and parks and severe money punishment for each complain for dirty streets or holes on the road, they will stop playing solitaire on their computer and in full cast go to the streets, keep every single paper or cigarette butt and stay at work until workers will repair road hole. 
Of course it could be other decisions, much better than I propose. The main thing is to create the possibility for self-organizing processes; the best decisions can be proposed without ours interference.



Organized crime is direct result of employing the wrong governing model. Organized crime will be one of the first problems, which creators of new government model will meet. Because for perfect model’s work we need friendly environment, which should be supported with legislative base of transitition to perfect model of government. But if this laws does not work it does not meter weather thy are good or bad. And organized crime just the first body, who will ignore any laws.
Organized crime activity destabilizes society and raises the level of entropy, while reducing entropy level is one of the main tasks of scientific way of government. To win the battle State has to create perfect management and control model, because now Mafia has much better management and control system than Government has. Mafia members received rich honorary for successfully creating work and the death penalty for failure, which is pretty nice stimulation. Government has nothing similar. Mechanism for regulation state officials well off in accordance with quality and productivity of their work is very weak or does not exist at all.
Mafia has high speed of accumulating money for system development. Profits from drug business sometimes reach 500 - 1000% per year, which could not be compared with oil business, jewelry, show business or other civilized way of making big money. They already pay to some policemen more than Government does. But this is nothing in comparison with amount of bribes they pay to the government officials and judges. In Russia amount of bribes is close to Gross National Revenue. If we leave the things as they are, it is only meter of time, when Mafia will be able to buy not any single official, but parliament majority also. Then good-buy democracy and free market, because Mafia do not need to fulfill the will of majority or to work according to existing laws. 
Organized crime as well as terrorism, is not a single person problem. It is system phenomenon. That’s why to win the battle you need the system approach in both cases. In mean time it is separate problems. That’s why the system approach of terrorism problem we put in supplement 5, but I am afraid that it left not much time when this problem will come to front pages, because it is only matter of time for both kind of criminals to joint efforts. I am afraid not only to write about technology of this process, but even afraid to think about nightmare, when terrorists and Mafiosi will joint the efforts. Unfortunately our way of governing pushes organized crime and terrorism in mutual embrace. We can’t stop this process without changing the way of governing. Organized crime problem is a money problem. There are at list three main approaches to solve it: 1) to increase amount of money from state budget; 2) to use confiscated organized crime money to prize those investigators, who put criminals behind bolt and bar; 3) to cut all the sources of Mafia money provision. The first, traditional, approach now used by most countries. This approach leads to nothing: every new budget increase amount of money against Mafia, but organized crime and corruption still grows. For second approach illustration let us take a problem connected with multimillion gambles, high officials bribery, overpaid big projects, narcotics... The more money involved, the more investigators risk their life. Nowadays, big Crime investigating groups can return back to State billions of dollars, risk their life and receive as reward a medal or one step forward promotion along career ladder. Stimulation of crime labors is much higher and no wonders why they win. If Investigators group were paid at least 25% of sums they returned to the State, they would perfectly know what they are taking risk for. They would not avoid crime in high places and mighty Mafia bosses, because the more risk the more money in reward. Amount of positive stimulation can be even more, than 25%. It must be studied and calculated by professionals. But without close to equal power for both sides we will never solve Crime problem. I am dead sure, that with proper stimulation, there would be persons at hand ready and eager to close round really “mighty godfathers”. If they stay alive, investigators will be millionaires themselves legally. Together with investigators stimulation, we may pay, at least, 5% of returned from criminals money to persons giving a helping hand in disclosing cases under investigation. May be we must also stimulate participation the FBI boys dying of boredom because of spies and terrorists absence on Washington streets. With proper stimulation investigators and government officials, corruption in the state government establishment could be eliminated at all together with big Mafia bosses. The third approach based on following: organized crime can’t exist without constant money supply. Without money it will die itself. We must stop fruitless attempts to catch all the criminals and concentrate our efforts on how to eliminate the phenomenon itself. To do this we must stop organized crime money supplement. Government must direct all illegal money streams and rivers to State treasury past Mafia pockets. For this the State must legalize the most profitable kinds of crime, such as narcotics and prostitution, like it was done with alcohol. The State must not use police special departments to struggle with narco-dealers. If narco-business will be unprofitable it will die by natural death. And it could be unprofitable. What for you will pay narco-dealers 3 times more if you can bye narcotic in any pharmacy together with individual syringe if need. Then the money now used on officials and police bribery will be used for narcotics rehabilitation centers and working place for former narcotics dependant people. If it will be built brothels with high level of medical control for participants of both size of process, gigolos will disappear… We have no choice: or we will eliminate organized crime or criminals will eliminate democratic fundament of our State. Another side of the problem: a racketeer, narco-dealers, gigolos show to other young guys how to leave easy life and receive more money than usual worker. We must returnee this army of young people to dissent work. Gangsters, bribery, drugs, racket prostitution are built around low culture and finally poor morals. Moral foundation is normally laid in childhood. The Great Russian Romanist Lev Tolstoy said that there were poor chances of bringing up any kid after he/she was six years old. It is not eternal truth but it is common knowledge that in childhood it is easier to learn. The younger person is, the better his brain absorbs information. And vice versa: the old dog can hardly be taught new tricks. Therefore, a moral foundation of a society should be laid in kindergartens and elementary schools. It is in childhood that is possible to bring up implacability to violence, lie, roughness and love to knowledge, beauty and nobility. It is in childhood that we can bring up a generation with a high-grade scale of spiritual values. If the government got it clearly, teachers would have got higher salary than university professors because all the above positive qualities are easier to grasp and learn in childhood. All costs will be returned to society in 10 to 15 years when young peoples moral will be incompatible with gangsters. And the more important thing consists in the fact that these young people would not allow elders unmoral behavior. Directly bring up elders would involve greater money and require much more time. 


1. Politics, Economics and science unity

Developed conception and realizing it technology are forming the model of state governing, which is completely corresponds to scientific recommendations as well as to logic human civilization development. In this model naturally joining the main principal of democracy (fulfillment the will of citizens majority) together with the most progressive form of economics (free market). Both democracy and free market are perfectly corresponding to scientific recommendations as to construction of perfect governing and control systems based on self-organizing fundament. From the other hand, democracy is the most perfect environment for development free market economics. As a result, in this model science, economics and sociologic not are peacefully coexisted only but are organic part of each other.

2. Actuality

Mankind could not always use The Rome Empire model only. Sooner or later it should be changed. If change, than when? Is it reasonable to wait until our life will be completely unbearable? 
When “Perestroyka” started in Russia, Pavel Boonich (State Duma member) underlined the priority of changing, first of all, the model of the system. Egor Gaidar (former Prime Minister), speaking at the meeting of “Unity of Russia” block, said that, “Reformed should be first a governmental machinery, not economic system”. I can add only: any reconstruction should be started with system model developing, then, by varying the main parameters combinations, different situations should be practised in all the branches of economics and social life. Then we can start with changing model. I can’t imagine something more actual and important.

3. Independence from leaders faul

They say, that lot of American presidents was Masons. Among them George Washington, Benjamin Franklin… And for now they named figures more than 5 millions of Masons and most of them are living in USA. I do not know whether it good or bad. What’s a difference? State of things in country depends from model much more than from leader if model is good. Bad model permits Leader to do whatever he wants. In this case if people are lucky, they will receive Thatcher, if not – Hitler or Stalin. If it will be proper model, the opposition will occur already on the government level, because members of government interests will coincide with people’s interests. This opposition impossible to defeat, more of that, critics and constructive proposals will be welcomed. Flattery and all kind of praise will lose their sense.
Under new model, it will not be important Mason president, Satanist or Communist. Will leader work day and night or play billiard. Self-organizing levers will rule the country. If the Program, approved by the absolute majority, will be fulfilled, what’s a difference what President will do? The state of things will be on top. If the Program will not be fulfilled the President must resign together with Masons, Adventists and other whoever it be in his surrounding.

4. Equality of possibilities

Proposed in this book conception of state governing, permit to build a model, which gives to citizens possibility for improving their well-being due to rising productivity and quality of labor on their level, but not by occupying higher position only. This is good stimulus to work hard, creatively with invention and desire to fulfill the task quickly and better.

5. Decreasing the number of hangers-on.

It is important that the number of hanger-ons, e.g., or bureaucrats, or soldiery, or racket - be decreased. The model will drastically decrease administrative staff and the number of executors, whose activities are not directly related with production of national wealth.

6. Universal character of the model 

Model implementing will give positive results independently of climate, race, religion or other peculiarities of the country. It also creates reliable international interface. As far as interests of different countries people mostly coincided, Aim Functions will also coincide. Common Aim Functions – the way for peaceful coexistence because countries with the same Aim Function never will fight against each other.


1. As far as in the nearest future an Aim Function will be THE RISE OF PEOPLES WELL-BEING, the rise of people’s well-being becomes the main condition for all powers existence, including the President. So, the first time in the human relations practice appeared the possibility for the government and the people vectors of interest coincidence.
2. According to new governing model, all the power branches will not support
any adventurous decisions, which will not coincide with, will of citizen’s majority. They will never allow any action, which could have tragic consequences. To all branches of power it became extremely profitable peaceful and fruitful development of the country. All power branches are as much satisfied by salary rise conditions, that it is hard to imagine what else can seduce them as much as to accept a decision which could lead to living level decrease or decrease of any other Aim Function, approved by citizens absolute majority.
3. Democracy development in the world could not stop on Democratic Freedoms and
Democratic Elections. Sooner or later it will make the next step. And this step will be fulfillment of citizens absolute majority will. Economics situation on world market and political situation inside the countries as well as outside are demanding this step badly. This need changes of some basic positions and first of all wrong understanding the government’s destiny: to make people execute government’s will. In the countries of real democracy the government will execute the will of people. Government abides people, not vice versa. Implementation technology, proposed in this book, will give the people the real power. This power will receive the absolute majority of citizens, which makes the main idea for term “Democracy”.
4. Governing model improving is mighty nonmaterial resource for any Nation. To
Nonmaterial resources are belong: positive and negative stimulation to work more, better, quickly and creatively; using the main principals rising labor productivity; decentralizing government by self-organizing governing systems; information; patents… Nonmaterial resources it is not resources created by Nature, but treasure of human brains (to which, by the way, the best governing models and technologies are belong).
5. Civilization development analyses shows that on given period mankind is moving
from free market self-organising principals to self-organising principals in state governing. We can make this way essentially shorter if will do vice versa: will go from self-organising governing systems towards to the market, free from influence definite persons and groups.



Vladimir Tsymbal, Democracy: a New Model